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7500-M ChiaoGoo Twist Mini Set Baggu 3D Zip Box Bag Nylon 3 Sizes! SML Baggu Flat Zip Pouch
7500-M ChiaoGoo Twist Mini SetBaggu 3D Zip Box Bag Nylon 3 Sizes! SMLBaggu Flat Zip Pouch

Mini Set! It includes: Five pair of 5″ (13cm), surgical-grade, stainless steel, lace tips ChiaoGoo's interchangeable system includes the following tip sizes: US000 (1.5mm) US00 (1.75mm) US0 (2mm), US1 (2.25mm) US1.5 (2.5mm). Three TWIST red...

SMALL 3D CAT, JADE ELEPHANT, AND BLUE DOT 7" x 3.5" x 3.5" when fully expanded. MEDIUM LEOPARD, ELECTRIC POPPY DOT, AND DOG 8.5" x 5" x 5" when fully expanded. LARGE GOAT AND SAILOR STIRPE 10" x 7" x 6.5" deep when fully expanded. The 3D Zip...

Baggu Flat Zip Pouch - Black Cat An all purpose flat zip pouch. Sized to comfortably hold all your fiber arts notions and projects travel essentials like toiletries, a Kindle or book, pens and pencils or any other medium sized items that need...






Baggu Reusable Colorful Nylon Bags Baby Baggu and Baggu Sizes~ ChiaoGoo Mini Accessories- Tools and Kits and Parts Love + Leche anywhere Balm
Baggu Reusable Colorful Nylon Bags Baby Baggu and Baggu Sizes~ChiaoGoo Mini Accessories- Tools and Kits and PartsLove + Leche anywhere Balm

Do you Baggu? Your Choice either Baby Baggu or Baggu ! Baby Baggu Reusable Shopping/Stash/WIP bag! Perfect for all your jaunts to your local LYS, Fiber Fest or keeping your stash in a really fun bag! The pouch is small enough to keep with you in...

7599-M: MINI Tools Kit $10.00 2501-M: Cable Connector $2.50 (package of 2) 2502-M: End Stoppers - $3.00 (package of 2) 2503-M: Tightening Keys - $1.00 (package of 4) 2576: Accessory Pouch $12.00 (Black - no tip sleeve) 2599: Rubber Grippers - $2.00 (package of 2)

Love + Leche Anywhere Balm 0.5 oz Slip a little of our lotion into your pocket; use it as a lip balm. Take-it-Anywhere Balm, you can use it anywhere: lips, feet, cuticles, elbows, dry skin. Love + Leche's Lotion Bar formula allows your skin to...






ChiaoGoo Mini Interchangeable CABLES 14"-37" 7505-000 ChiaoGoo Mini 5" Interchangeable Tips Sizes 000- 1.5 The Sock Ruler 3 different packages to choose
ChiaoGoo Mini Interchangeable CABLES 14"-37"7505-000 ChiaoGoo Mini 5" Interchangeable Tips Sizes 000- 1.5The Sock Ruler 3 different packages to choose

 Twist red cables are memory free! They are made of a multi-strand, steel cable coated with nylon and have a lifeline hole at each end. 7514-M: 14" (35cm) Cable 7522-M: 22" (55cm) Cable 7530-M: 30" (75cm) Cable 7537-M: 37" (93cm) Cable

ChiaoGoo now has available the smallest-of-small TWIST MINI stainless steel interchangeables tips. 5″ (13cm), surgical-grade, stainless steel 7505-000 (1.5mm) 7505-00 (1.75mm) 7505-0 (2mm) 7505-1 (2.25mm) 7505-1.5 (2.5mm)

The Sock Ruler (patent pending), is constructed of a heavy duty, yet flexible plastic; an innovative measuring tool for sock knitters that goes inside of the sock, allowing it to lie flat and ensure accurate measurements. Easy to use, no tape...




Tally Ring Counter ChiaoGoo Knotes and Crotes Note Cards Sets Done Roving Yarn Twin Tootsees 2 pack
Tally Ring CounterChiaoGoo Knotes and Crotes Note Cards SetsDone Roving Yarn Twin Tootsees 2 pack

Looking for a counter that is small and accessible? Look no further! This cute colorful Electronic counter attaches around your finger and keeps a simple count while working on your project! Small and compact design. LCD screen display. The...

These new “Knotes” and “Crotes” note cards are perfect for you or the knitters and crocheters in your life. Each set comes with eight cards; two of each design shown. Blank inside. Envelopes included. Printed in the USA on...

Make a perfectly matched pair of socks with our new Twin Tootsees sock yarn. Packed in our convenient case, you can knit one or two at a time by pulling the end of the center pull ball and casting on. 50/50 superwash merino/tencel makes a durable...






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