1090 ChiaoGoo Stitch Markers

ChiaoGoo Stitch Markers

 Ever forget the exact spot where you increased stitches while knitting?

These ChiaoGoo "Stitch Markers" are a great tool to mark you stitches as you increase or decrease or any other spot that you need to mark while knitting. And the fun swirls and colors dress up your knitting projects, too!


Small (Pink) fits up to a US 7 [4.50mm]

Medium (Yellow) fits up to a US 10.75 [7.00mm]

Large (Green) fits up to a US 11 [8.00mm]

Extra Large (Blue) fits on a US 19 [15.00mm]

Quantity in Package: 40 

Materials: Resin


1090 ChiaoGoo Stitch Markers
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