If you’ve been looking for the perfect tool to help pick up dropped stitches, you’ve come to the right place.
Pretty and functional Fix-A-Stitch pouch..  Limited-edition keychain zipper bags, Not only do they keep your Fix-A-Stitch set safe and sound right on the strap of your favorite knitting bag, they’re also handy to link onto your purse to hold mints, shopper loyalty cards, etc.

Once you use the Fix-A-Stitch™, you’ll wonder how you survived for so long without it!

Garter Stitch…
  easiest to knit… hardest to repair…
      until the Fix-A-Stitch™!

Your Choice

Fix-A-Stitch Straight 3 pack(S,M,L)  


Lace Fix-A-Stitch 2 pack  

Click below to view an instructional video

Each package comes with written directions on how to correct your mistakes.

Also very handy as a cable needle!

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