Leather Bracelet Kitchener Stitch and Brioche

The Kitchener Stitch Wristband is an exclusive colorway made for Mimi with a collaboration with I Love Handles. Such a thrilling venture! A wrist hint to remind how to start and create the Kitchener Stitch. Don't seam without it!


Champagne Leather in sizes 15" and 17". 

Sizes are based on wrapping around your wrist twice. Give it extra length depending on how loosely you want to wear it. Please allow an extra 1/2 inch for the stud closure. Did you know you can hook your bracelets together? 

Wrist Ruler is a leather wristband with engraved inch and centimeter measurements. If you find yourself always needing to measure things when you’re on the go, this is the perfect product for you.

*Workshop products are made in the US. They are produced in small runs and individually numbered.

Available in  Leather

Brown 15 and 17"

Black 15 and 17"

Grey 15 and 17"

Red 15 and 17"

Blue 15 and 17"


Also available is the Brioche Wrist Bracelet:


Nancy Marchant approached Wrist Rulers to do a custom bracelet for her. It got so much attention, that they made it available for everyone else in a variety of colors and sizes. Extend your wrist ruler by connecting a brioche bracelet, twice the fun!

Brioche Bracelet is made in the US.
Available in 
Natural Leather 15" and 17"
Red Leather 15" and 17"
Blue Leather 15" and 17"
Teal Leather 15" and 17"

Leather Bracelet Kitchener Stitch and Brioche
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