Lucet Handheld 4" tool to make Icord braiding lacing

Lucet Handheld 4 inch tool to make Icord braiding lacing

The Lucet makes the most beautiful square cord that can be used as: 
belts, shoelaces, bracelets, necklaces, drawstrings, rug cording...let your imagination create!
~~~~~~~~The listing is for 1 Lucet~~~~~
As you can see in the photos, different weight yarns, create the most unique cords! My next project with the Lucet will be with beads!

This Lucet from Lacis is 4" made of hardwood with laminate decor.

A little history of the Lucet:
The earliest lucet found has been dated to the time of the Vikings. History shows they were used in Europe from at least the 16th century until the beginning of the 19th. Beautiful examples from Georgian workboxes can still be found today.

Lucet braiding fell out of favor when commercially-made cord became available. Also known as chain forks or hay forks, these tools are used to make a square cord suitable for costume embellishment or as ties for sleeves or corset lacing. The size of the cord made is dependent upon the size of the thread used - from the finest silk to sturdy cotton or linen.

There are many google searches and videos on how to start your cord.

Lucet Handheld 4" tool to make Icord braiding lacing
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