My Maggies Magnetic Fastners Choose your Favorite!

What an ingenious to wear a beautiful shawl without poking holes in the knit or crochet fabric! 

MAGGIES unique MAGNETIC FASTENERS allow you to attach scarves, sarongs and shawls to clothing, close a sweater or jacket or invisibly fasten a tie. They are essential to fashion your own personal look.
2 Middi Maggies
4 Original Plates - 2 Gold and 2 Silver
The Combo Pack contains two MIDDI MAGGIES, two silver Original Plates, and two gold Original Plates. This group of products allows you to try different styles, at the same time! Maggies work well with most fabrics, but are fashionable for all looks! If more power is needed for heavy fabrics such as toweling or fur simply use two magnets without the silver rings and put a plate in direct contact with the outer magnet to protect it.
NOTE: The Maggie is designed to be worn inside clothing. If the ball Magnet is worn on the outside of your garment, there is a risk of loss to metal objects. Maggie Fashion Plates provide a protective layer to the magnet to prevent attraction to external metal objects
The Maggie Combo pack contains 2 gold and 2 silver to coordinate with jewelry. These plates are designed to protect the magnet - not to hold fabric layers in place.


MAGGIE SNAPS – 4 Pack with Colored Rings
4 Gold Rings
4 Black Rings
MAGGIE SNAPS are the most revolutionary textile fastener ever invented. Simple yet effective. They are the only “no-sew” fasteners available other than pins and are totally indestructible. They can be used over and over for a variety of purposes from clothing to bedding, tents, umbrella’s, awnings, etc.

Maggie Snaps are a major improvement on the safety pin of 1849! Simple to use, multi-functional, durable. Compatible with any fabric application!


The powerful Rare Earth magnetic ball when placed between fabric layers is secured by two metal O rings to hold the layers separately. For extra thick or heavy fabrics such as toweling, leather, fur and canvas, simply use two magnets without the rings.
Maggies are fashion magnets designed to securely attach fabrics together without pins or knots. These magnificent magnets allow you to tie together any look in a snap!
Maggies literally transform your wardrobe in an instance. They hold together the fabric of your choice, while leaving your materials completely unharmed.

Maggies are not a toy, and should not be used by children.
My Maggies Magnetic Fastners Choose your Favorite!
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